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Pretend School

Hello, everyone! Today I would like to tell you about pretend school.


That is Theo. He is silly sometimes.


The marble run is recess. You have to have recess or it won’t be like school. I wonder if all schools have recess?


You can teach the people who are doing the pretend school math and other stuff for school.


You can also see Stuffed Animal School, but that is the class pet. Her name is Tabitha. She likes kids. If you’re teaching older kids, you should have older kid books. If you’re teaching younger kids, you should have younger kid books. The younger kid books you should do “Pete’s a Pizza” and different books. Maybe you could get library books so it looks like there’s a library at your school.


Theo is learning math and he’s looking in his book. He drew the picture. He likes it.


Theo really really wants to see you, and the next blog post is about what to do instead of watching tv.

3 Things to Do with Stuffed Animals

stuffed animals

The players today…

Hi, everyone! Today we are going to learn about what to do with stuffed animals!

I have a special guest today. Her name is……. Majestic! She would like to speak a few words to you:

“Down below in the deep blue sea is where you can look to find me. A sight you’ve never seen before, I sparkle on the ocean floor.”

The three things you can do are:

1. You can make a fort your animals.

2. You can let them have parties for their birthdays.

3. And sometimes they just like to hangout, so you could play with them when you play pretend school. (P.S. My next blog post is going to be about pretend school.)

What to Do with Stuffed Animals

What to Do with Stuffed Animals

So these are the people who volunteered to do this picture: Majestic, Baby Lulu, Big Rarity, Little Rarity, Peanut, Ollie, Peanut, Ellie, and Fluttershy!

These are the places I used for my stuffed animals:

2 lucy

This is the stuffed animal fort I’m going to show you now. It’s not exactly a fort, but kinda like it.

4 lucy

The last thing I want to tell you is Majestic has another thing to tell you, ” I was in the blog post, and we have one special picture left. Oh, I forgot one thing, I hope you like the blog post!”

5 lucy

Bye Bye!

Majestic: “Guess what! In one of the pictures Lucy chose my pink!”

Stuffed Animal School

This is my stuffed animal school. Choose more than one animal to have school. Look at all my stuffed animal friends!

stuffed animal school

I have two groups.  We have Legos. One group did the Legos first. This is what both groups made.

lego collage

The second group go to do tape measuring. I finger knitted this. All of my stuffed animals loved it! The stuffed animals figured out how many of them they needed to fill the thing up. Peachy needed three Peachies to get to the end of it.

ss8This is just like my stuffed animal parade!

I’m going to show you where my stuffed animals go for learning globe time. I have a tent for my bed. All my animals go in it.


This is where they go. Do you have a globe? I hope you do! It’s okay if you don’t- just pretend you do. I’ll show you a picture of a globe.


Isn’t it pretty? That’s Antarctica on the bottom. Should I tell you guys a little bit about the globe? Can you see Australia? Can you see the Indian Ocean?

Tell all your stuffed animal where places are. Ask your stuffed animals where’s their favorite place to go.

We sung the ABC song and counted to ten. Pluto had a little trouble counting to ten. He went like this, “1, 2, 3, 4, 100, 6, 7, 1000.”

I’m sorry guys, but this post is over. See you next time!

Stuffed Animal Parade

This is my stuffed animal parade. My animals have clothes on. Get your animals dressed up!

stuffed animal parade

What You Need

  • American Girl or baby clothes
  • Stuffed animals with names

I made an animal parade. It is very fun. I dressed up my stuffed animals in any way I wanted!


The octopus is named Ollie. The small purple bunny with the skirt on is named Hop. The bunny with boots on is named Purple. The fish with the soccer shirt is named Fishy. The rose with the shirt on is named Rosie. The snowman with the little scarf on is named Icy. The white bear is named Button. I made that necklace for her!

Here’s my guessing game. Guess who they are! Get ready…. get set….GO!

Who’s this?


It’s Ollie!


Who’s this?


It’s Icy!


Everyone, I’m sad to say this but this blog post is done. I hope you make you make your own stuffed animal parade! Here’s a picture of Icy all put together!