how to make a collage for kids

How to Make an Epic Collage

Hey readers! Its me Lucy Marashian! So the topic of today is…. collages! Lets get started!

how to make a collage for kids

So first, whenever making collages you need paper. I would use card stock or hard colored paper. Then, you get all of your materials. I used…

tape and markers

  • glue
  • tape (we all need tape don’t we?)
  • straws
  • Paper (to cut up + you need it for the base)
  • googly eyes
  • pom poms
  • feathers
  • and more!


Guys, all of the materials are optional and you DO NOT have to use them. 


Third step, put it all together. Glue, stick, make tape bracelets… Wait, no tape bracelets, unless you want some…. Nevermind. While we are waiting for the glue to dry what do you think my next blog post should be about? Post it down below in the comments. OK glue is dry, so now you hang it up and show it off. Here is mine! 

collage art project for kids

DO NOT FORGET TO WRITE YOUR NAME ON IT! I will ask Theo what he thinks about art. He said, “Pretend school is fun.” You do not have to make the collage look pretty because all art looks different for everyone. One of my favorite things to see in a collage is texture. Who knows, you may have the same liking in art as other people, but its okay to have preferences. Here is a clue for one of my ideas on a blog post.

Ruff ruff guys! (bye bye guys!)

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