3 Things to Do with Stuffed Animals

stuffed animals

The players today…

Hi, everyone! Today we are going to learn about what to do with stuffed animals!

I have a special guest today. Her name is……. Majestic! She would like to speak a few words to you:

“Down below in the deep blue sea is where you can look to find me. A sight you’ve never seen before, I sparkle on the ocean floor.”

The three things you can do are:

1. You can make a fort your animals.

2. You can let them have parties for their birthdays.

3. And sometimes they just like to hangout, so you could play with them when you play pretend school. (P.S. My next blog post is going to be about pretend school.)

What to Do with Stuffed Animals

What to Do with Stuffed Animals

So these are the people who volunteered to do this picture: Majestic, Baby Lulu, Big Rarity, Little Rarity, Peanut, Ollie, Peanut, Ellie, and Fluttershy!

These are the places I used for my stuffed animals:

2 lucy

This is the stuffed animal fort I’m going to show you now. It’s not exactly a fort, but kinda like it.

4 lucy

The last thing I want to tell you is Majestic has another thing to tell you, ” I was in the blog post, and we have one special picture left. Oh, I forgot one thing, I hope you like the blog post!”

5 lucy

Bye Bye!

Majestic: “Guess what! In one of the pictures Lucy chose my pink!”

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