Pretend School

Hello, everyone! Today I would like to tell you about pretend school.


That is Theo. He is silly sometimes.


The marble run is recess. You have to have recess or it won’t be like school. I wonder if all schools have recess?


You can teach the people who are doing the pretend school math and other stuff for school.


You can also see Stuffed Animal School, but that is the class pet. Her name is Tabitha. She likes kids. If you’re teaching older kids, you should have older kid books. If you’re teaching younger kids, you should have younger kid books. The younger kid books you should do “Pete’s a Pizza” and different books. Maybe you could get library books so it looks like there’s a library at your school.


Theo is learning math and he’s looking in his book. He drew the picture. He likes it.


Theo really really wants to see you, and the next blog post is about what to do instead of watching tv.

5 thoughts on “Pretend School

  1. Mommy

    I love when you play pretend school with Theo! You always come up with such fun activities! What is Theo’s favorite thing to learn?



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