Stuffed Animal Parade

This is my stuffed animal parade. My animals have clothes on. Get your animals dressed up!

stuffed animal parade

What You Need

  • American Girl or baby clothes
  • Stuffed animals with names

I made an animal parade. It is very fun. I dressed up my stuffed animals in any way I wanted!


The octopus is named Ollie. The small purple bunny with the skirt on is named Hop. The bunny with boots on is named Purple. The fish with the soccer shirt is named Fishy. The rose with the shirt on is named Rosie. The snowman with the little scarf on is named Icy. The white bear is named Button. I made that necklace for her!

Here’s my guessing game. Guess who they are! Get ready…. get set….GO!

Who’s this?


It’s Ollie!


Who’s this?


It’s Icy!


Everyone, I’m sad to say this but this blog post is done. I hope you make you make your own stuffed animal parade! Here’s a picture of Icy all put together!


Pattern Picture

Hello, everyone. I hope you will like my pattern picture. You can use colors to make a pattern. Write a little stuff on it like I did. Here we go! I’m going to tell you how to make it. Listen closely.

pattern picture

I used Legos of any shape, but only two colors, to make a pattern. Hey! They’re not in a pattern! They’re in rows of colors. But if you look sideways they’re in a pattern.


This is what I’ve drawn. I’ve drawn squares to put them in. I wrote “Pattern Time”, but I didn’t want this post to be called Pattern Time. I used marker to make it and I used cardboard, but you can use whatever you want.


You can use lots of stuff. You could Legos, felt circles, feathers, and buttons too! Use anything you want. Be creative. You can use pompoms and other fun stuff. Just think of whatever crazy stuff you want.


And truly, that is how you make a pattern picture.

Try to remember what colors you saw me use.

My Lego Store

Hello everyone who’s reading this! I’m going to tell you how to build a Lego store.

This is my Lego store. I chose four stores to build. I have a flower store, a toy store, a clothes store, and just a Lego mall.

lego store

This is my Lego Mall. It took a very long time to build it. If you want to build a Lego Mall, just make sections of what you want to put in it. I made a section of food, a money holder, and then just some wacky inventions. There’s even a puppy dog!

lego mall

This is my fashion store. Lego Friends can only do it. Just regular Legos can only get hair and makeup. Don’t worry- those are not Lego girls with bald heads. Those are just models with clothes Lego friends can buy.

lego fashion storeThere’s someone who puts makeup on people.


This is my toy store for Legos. There’s a robot, a boulder that can turn, and even a mirror that if you pull a lever up, it goes up, and if you pull the lever down, it goes down!

lego toy store

The robot is easy to make. All you have to do to make this toy store, build walls, and find anything that looks like toys and put them in the toy store.


This is my flower shop. I found flowers to make it and all other kinds of plants. I even found a green money holder with a pink drawer to put money in. It looks like a flower. There’s two people that work in it. One’s named Andrea, and one’s named Claire.


This is my ATM. I found a Lego window, and I put some bricks at the back of it, and I put something on the top and bottom so it won’t break. I put things on top that are straight up, and there’s little things on top of it. There’s actually money inside of it! Some are just fake. Some are $100.


That’s all you have to do to make a Lego store.

How to Make a Paper Book for Your Brother or Sister

Here’s how to make a book for your brother or sister. You should make a book for your brother or sister on their birthday or just for fun.

paper book

First, staple pieces of paper together you want to have. Next, just add some questions or coloring pages that you want your brother or sister to do.

This is my first page of the book.


Next I did this picture about my brother’s favorite number and how old he is.


Here is my last page. For this page Theo told me who was in his family.


That is how you make a paper book.