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Two Fun Mother’s Day Crafts

Hey guys! I’m back! I have not seen you for so long! I hope you are having a good day! Today I will teach you how to make two fun Mother’s Day crafts! Mother’s Day is getting close, and I don’t have a gift for my mom! First, I will teach you how to make a frame for your mom! First, you need some fun colored popsicle sticks. Line them up in a row, and then cover them with glue.

IMG_1Next, you will need to cut a piece of paper. The width should be less than a popsicle stick, but the length should be longer than the popsicle sticks lined up.  After that, you put a googly eye at the far left of the paper. It will stand for I as in I Love You. Next, You paint a heart next to the googly eye. It will stand for the Love In I Love You. Finally, you paint a U next to the heart. The U stands for the You in I Love You. I  painted the word mom at the far right corner, but you don’t have to put it there. By the way, you do not have to follow every step I am telling you, but I am telling you the steps to lead you in the right direction. IMG_6311Then, you will have to hot glue (or regular glue, but hot glue is better, way better) two popsicle sticks on the back to make it stand up.IMG_6312 You can also put magnets on the back to put it on your fridge. I would do that, but my fridge is not magnetic. Well, you are done with the first project! On to the next craft! In this craft we will need a pipe cleaner, letter beads, and your love for your mom.IMG_6324.JPG

First, put beads on so they say I Love U. (I put I heart U with a heart bead.) Then put a bead after it to separate I Love You from the other stuff. Next put Mom after the bead. Keep repeating the steps until the pipe cleaner is full. Tie the pipe cleaner together and try it on. It will probably be to big for you, but it might be the perfect size for your mom. IMG_6318That is all! Have an amazing day! See you soon! Bye!



Paint Fun

Hello, everyone! Today we are going to have a special guest. He will be on very soon. He will tell you about what he did with painting, but first, I will tell you about painting.

There is a very fun way to make some lanterns. First, you get plastic cups. I’m guessing you know what to do. No? You don’t know what to do?

First step: Get paint.

paint 6


Second step: Get paintbrushes.

paint 4


Third step: Get those plastic cups I told you about.

Fourth step: Paint them.

paint 2


Then, buy plastic candles. Put tape on the plastic candle and then tape it to the bottom of the cup. Wait for the paint to dry first!

paint 1


Do you know what inspired me to make this? My school had a fun art night. We got to make very fun projects which you can see below.

art Collage


Okay, here comes our guest…. Theo! Oh, I guess Theo is busy. I guess I’ll just show you these pictures! Oh, and by the way, this is Theo.

paint 3

paint 5

Bye, everyone, and I hope you have a fun time making your own lanterns!

What to Do Instead of Watching TV

Hi, everyone! I’m back today. Did you know a few days ago it was the day my blog started?! So it’s my first anniversary!

Today I’m going to talk about…. don’t you know from my last post? Okay, okay, fine. I’ll tell you. Dun.. dun..dun..dun… It is called What to Do Instead of Watching TV.

I have a new dog! I have a  new idea. You can play with your dog instead of watching t.v.! (My dog is named Rufus. I will tell you more about him later.)

So another thing to do is build a fort for your animals. It’s fun!

You can play the piano.


Around Christmas time you can make stories about your ornaments. I have a story about one of my ornaments I got last year. All I did was buy this How to Train Your Dragon 2 ornament. This year I got a puppy love ornament because I got a new dog. (He is eight months now. I’m sorry I keep talking about my dog.)

Now another way to do something is if you have a brother or sister you can play with them. It’s actually pretty fun. My brother sometimes doesn’t play with me or refuses to play with me.

And you can also play a card game or board game with your mom or dad.

You can play outside. It’s fun playing outside a lot. I used to have a play structure. In my front yard I have a tree you can run around really fast in a circle. (How many words do I have already?)


I’m kind of tired right now. Right now I’m going to tell you another thing to do. Reading. I read almost every night. I read almost every night, but sometimes I’m too tired.


Or you can clean. But my brother would not choose cleaning. Every time he has to clean, he says he’s too tired, which is an excuse.

You can make pretty artwork. It can be of something or just something you think up.


You can also make your stuffed animals talk. I do that a lot. You can have parties in your bed.

You can chase your dog if he has a stuffed animal in his mouth.

Wait. Do I hear something? We have a special guest! It’s my turtle, Rosie! Rosie, do you have anything to say?

“What are you talking about?”

I’m talking about what to do instead of watching t.v. What do you like to do instead of watching t.v.?

“I hide in my shell and eat ice cream.”

Thank you, Rosie.

Or you can write little letters to your Elf.

You can also sleep instead of watching t.v.


You might have to sometimes watch t.v. when you go to the movies. But, that’s okay. You shouldn’t watch it a lot though.

Bye! I’m going to miss you! I hope you like my next blog post. I don’t know what it’s about yet though.