Lost Tooth Lucy

Hey! Have you lost a tooth? I have. Would you like me to tell you the story of how I lost my teeth?

Here is the story of how I lost my first tooth. Once upon a time Lucy was climbing down from her bunk bed, swishing the spit in her mouth. Then, in on second, her tooth fell out! She brought it to school. She got a tooth necklace. Then at night, she put it under her pillow. Then the tooth fairy came and gave her one golden dollar and a toothbrush.

Here is my next story. Once upon a time Lucy was playing with her brother, Theo. She was under a blanket saying, “Cranky creek.” Then her tooth fell out! The tooth fairy gave Lucy two dollars. I have not spent them.

Here goes my last story. Once upon a time Lucy was wiggling her tooth. She kept wiggling it and wiggling it. Then she went in the bathroom, got some toilet paper, and touched her tooth with the toilet paper. Then it fell out! The tooth fairy gave her two golden dollars. It was her first top tooth.

This is a picture of me holding my tooth.


Want to see another picture of me smiling? Oh, you might see blood is in my mouth. Never mind the blood.


I have a tooth pillow named Toothy. You can see her in Stuffed Animal School. You can go see her now. Wait! Don’t go! I have to tell you one thing. Can I tell you a fact about sharks? Sharks can lose can lose 1000 teeth in their lifetime. Bye!

12 thoughts on “Lost Tooth Lucy

  1. Auntie Kel

    I love all of the details about your loose teeth Lucy. Make sure to brush those new teeth with extra attention so they will stay clean and white! Hugs to you! Auntie Kel


  2. tb007

    Hi Miss Lucy,
    I enjoyed reading about how you lost three of your teeth. As Paul mentioned, we never had a tooth pillow when we were growing up. Did you make it? Perhaps you could make them and sell them on Shark Tank. Speaking of sharks, 1000 teeth is a lot to loose. My goodness!! That would be almost $1,000 or maybe even $2,000 from the tooth fairy!!!
    Keep blogging. I can’t wait to read more.
    Ps I also like how you added pictures! That made it really special!!



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