Puppy Playground

Hello, everyone who’s reading this. I’m going to show you how to make a playground for a Lego puppy.

Lego Puppy Playground

This is my puppy’s dog house. You can take the roof off. There’s a red food bin next to it.

Lego puppy playground

There’s a sword in a basket. It’s like the sword in the stone except there’s a rock under it.

Lego puppy playground

This is my dog. I opened the roof to show you him in his doghouse.

Lego puppy playground

This is my little twirly thing. It lifts up stairs. My puppy’s been twirling it and twirling it to see if there’s anything under the stairs. The puppy climbs the stairs and jumps into the pink basket.

Lego puppy playground

This is my little dryer and hot bathtub for my dog, and I have a towel near my bathtub.

Lego puppy playground

This is the sign to confuse humans to think that’s a store. But know what it really is? It’s a…. dog house!

Lego puppy playground

Wah. I don’t the time to be over. I want to tell you more things. But, it is over so I’ll tell you something else. The End

1 thought on “Puppy Playground

  1. tb007

    Lucy, that is so cool!!
    What a great blog. I love the Dog house. What a pampered dog! With a warm bath and towel waiting for him!!! I think it is funny that you have a sign that confuses humans! Ha! So funny!!!
    What will your next blog be about?



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